March 8, 2014
"The only foreigners here are capitalists!"

— Big Bill Haywood

February 27, 2014
"Between 1880-1910 as many as 10,000 to 15,000 American workers a year perished because of on site accidents and poor workplace conditions with thousands more injured or sickened. Mostly in connection with mine and railroad work"

— Phillip Dray

February 21, 2014
"The issue is Socialism versus Capitalism. I am for Socialism because I am for humanity. We have been cursed with the reign of gold long enough. Money constitutes no proper basis of civilization. The time has come to regenerate society — we are on the eve of universal change."

— Eugene V. Debs
Open letter to the American Railway Union, Chicago Railway Times (1 January 1897)

July 31, 2013
Communists aren’t anti work

We just hate that the productive surplus of our laboring goes directly to a capitalist without any say on our part how that surplus should be allocated In return for subsistence wages that inherently are less(usually way less) than that labor we do to to create the surplus in the first place! That’s what we’re not jazzed about

July 31, 2013
Does anyone want to follow a really awesome communist blog?

I’m one follower away from 300. the 299 on my dash is starting to get to me. please help. 

July 27, 2013

Working at Starbucks really makes you feel like Capitalisms drug dealer

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May 31, 2013


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May 18, 2013

Who are some good right wing intellectuals that would have lectures on youtube I could watch?

April 6, 2013
"Capitalism in reality is not a world of equal and contracting individuals, but a world of fighting classes."

— Anton Pannekoek

March 30, 2013
Cuba Makes Video Game Based On Revolution

I want this SO BADLY!

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