February 15, 2012

September 29, 2011
It bugs me when fellow leftists like Ron Paul

I get that he seems like a nice man and is probably the most consistent politician in America today, but really. He is not one of us. If he got his way we would all be slaves to unaccountable corporations. I ask my friend about why he liked him and he said “he’s the only one with a plan” But its a BAD plan. 

How could any one who is left AT ALL justify voting for or supporting  a LIbertarian unless its parallel with our views socially?  It drives me crazy when perfectly good left wingers decide that he “aint so bad” HE IS SO BAD

September 10, 2011

Howard Zinn on Patriotism 

September 3, 2011
Pay to say? Campaign cash offers clues on AT&T, T-Mobile merger


Lawmakers reacted sharply this week when the Justice Department went to court to block the AT&T/T-Mobile.

September 3, 2011
Study: CEO pay tops tax bill

Twenty-five of the highest-paid chief executive officers in the United States made more money last year than their companies paid in taxes, according to a liberal think tank report on Wednesday.

For those CEOs whose income exceeded their companies’ federal income tax payments, pay averaged $16.7 million, according to a study of 100 publicly traded corporations by the Institute for Policy Studies. The institute also found that many of the firms spent far more on lobbying than on taxes.

Continue ReadingThe report revealed eBay paid CEO John Donahoe $12.4 million in salary and other compensation — but the company reported a $131 million refund on its 2010 federal income taxes. And at General Electric, where CEO Jeff Immelt raked in $15.2 million, the company received a $3.3 billion refund and dropped $41.8 million on lobbying and political campaigns. And at Boeing, CEO Jim McNerney takes home $13.8 million, while the company paid $13 million in taxes and spent $20.8 million on lobbying in 2010.S&P 500 CEOs, on average, had compensation of $10.8 million last year, up 27.8 percent from 2009.

August 30, 2011
Redistricting could cost California some clout in Washington

well darn

August 26, 2011
So the craziest thing happened yesterday. I got my first paycheck and saw that the Government took money out of it in the form of taxes, and I didn’t suddenly transform into a crazy rightwing tea party libertarian like all my parents conservative friends said I would! weird right?!?

August 18, 2011

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